Why Choose KATz?

The KATz promise

Here at KATz we promise to give you an adventure that is designed specifically to your needs. We will take you on a journey of discovery where you will find yourself drenched in the beautiful African culture and forever welcomed by the extraordinary Tanzanian people. We promise to provide you with the opportunity to contribute to the lives of others in a meaningful way and to learn and grow through challenging yourself and truly experiencing what it means to be amongst it, to really live life. AND…….we assure you of our support throughout the entire process.

Why should you choose KATz for your volunteer or Safari experience?

  • Because we understand! You are in the hands of people who have first hand experience in Tanzania complimented by people who have grown up in Tanzania and know the local language, the culture, the best places to see and things to do!
  • Because your fees remain in Tanzania, where it is needed most! As KATz is operated from Tanzania, even the administration costs are spent in Tanzania so your money is working towards building the economy, providing local employment opportunities and helping local communities.
  • Because KATz wants to make a difference too! We make it a priority in our business to assist local communities in whatever ways we can because we, like you, genuinely want to help.
  • Because we care! This is your experience and we want it to be everything you imagine it to be. We believe in thoroughly understanding your needs before you arrive, so we can provide you with a program or tour that best meets those needs.
  • Because we are based in Tanzania! We believe that the support you need most is when you arrive in an unfamiliar country, miles from the comforts of home, so that is why we are situated right here in Tanzania. You will be dealing with the same people pre-departure who will be at the airport to greet you and will be available in-person for your entire placement (provided you want us around!).

One thought on “Why Choose KATz?

  1. “Jodie and Kelvin, its Difficult to find the words to describe how grateful I am to have met you. My time in Arusha would never have been the same without the two of you. I have travelled around the world with more volunteer travel experiences than I can sometimes recall. I have never met two people more passionate about their work and dedicated to creating an experience and overall lasting expression of such a beautiful, yet complicated country.
    I appreciate the time you spent helping me gain a clear vision of what I hope to accomplish with my students in Arusha. Your approach to each day, putting the needs and wants of volunteers above your own, is the definition of being selfless… a quality that is hard to find in people and almost impossible to find in a business. This makes all the difference and is why you will continue to be successful. Although my time with you was short, I feel like I am saying goodbye to friends that feel like family. From the visits to the children’s homes to my journey into Maasai land, to the dance floor at Empire you have been right there to support me along the way!
    I am leaving with an energy and excitement about two things. One is being able to introduce this experience to my students and the other is because I have found two people I can trust completely in a place in the world where trust is hard to come by. It usually takes me years of work in a country to find what I have found in you. Thank GOD for Google! I look forward to coming back every year. You have a customer, and friend for life!”

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