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KATz accepts payments made direct into the KATz business account. This account is with the National Australia Bank allowing you the security of a trusted bank and the ease of direct deposit, internet banking and telephone banking with no international transfer fees and hassles and no exchange rate conversion fees (in Australia).

KATz has an account with HSBC in the UK as an alternative account option for volunteers. Please advise if you would prefer these details.

KATz also accepts payments through PayPal but they take a substantial bite out of every installment paid to KATz for using their services to transfer money. As this is the case we would prefer to cut out the third party and use that money where it’s really needed. This is currently our only method for accepting credit cards though so we understand this sometimes leaves us no other alternative.

Upon agreement of your placement KATz will provide you with their bank account details for payment or send you a payment request via PayPal. The $150.00 deposit is required initially and will be deducted from your final payment. Payments can be made in instalments with the final payment due no later than 6 weeks prior to your arrival in Tanzania.

Please use the form below to pay directly into our bank account or by credit card via our PayPal account.

KATZ Payment

Volunteer Payment

Payment or part payment for a volunteer placement with KATz. Only use this form once your application has been approved.

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What Happens next

  1. After your application form has been received one of the KATz team will go through it and get back to you (via email), answering any questions you may have or possibly asking you a few.
  2. If no additional information is required, a decision will be reached regarding your application and this decision will be expressed in writing.
  3. Upon your acceptance of the placement offer we will send you our bank details or PayPal details and request a $150.00 deposit be paid into the KATz account.
  4. Once the KATz team are in receipt of your initial deposit, you will be emailed a unique login id and password for the members section of our website where you can download all the information you need. This includes the Volunteer Manual, Travel Assistance Information Booklet, Specific Placement Options, Terms and Conditions, Travel Assistance Form, Medical Examination and History Form and a quick reference To-Do list.
  5. At this stage you will have a few things to do like reading the information manuals, getting your doctor to complete your medical form, signing the Terms and Conditions, obtaining a police clearance certificate (required in order to work with children), organising travel insurance, visa’s and vaccinations and booking your flights. Don’t forget the KATz team are available if you need any assistance or have any questions along the way.
  6. If you have elected KATz to assist you with your travel plans we will also be sending quotes for extra curricula activities for your approval followed by payment requirements.
  7. Once the KATz team is in receipt of all paperwork and placement fees, we will send out a Final Placement Details Itinerary (including details of extra curricula activities and payments) and then you can start packing!