Inspiration Initiative

The ‘World Wide Inspiration’ Initiative is all about sharing good news and reveling in that feeling of inspiration you get when you hear about something amazing or selfless that someone has done.

I am fortunate in my line of work  as it enables me to meet many wonderful and selfless people, giving their time and devoting their lives for the greater good. There have been several moments i have lost myself in reflection or noticed the hairs stand up on my arms after encounters with truly inspirational Individuals. People whose stories have contributed the additional strength i require to chase my dreams yet they will never know the impact they had. I didn’t happen across these people with ease, instead i had to search hard to find them and i figure there are many millions more that remain undiscovered to so many. The ‘World Wide Inspiration’ Initiative is all about sharing and discovering all the goodness that is hidden in the world.

I invite everyone from across the globe to post a story about something that has touched their lives or made them smile and given them hope. Perhaps it’s something small in every day life or a particularly meaningful quote. It may be the work of an organisation you are a part of or that you donate to. No matter how big or small, the idea is that through sharing our experiences we can redefine our connection to one another.

It seems we are overwhelmed by bad news every time we turn on the tellie or open the newspapers and its all a little backwards that we should have to search so much harder to find the good stuff, and there is plenty of it. Feel free to include links to websites so readers can visit them and learn more but please respect that this initiative is not about advertising. Nothing is required accept your stories and all posts will need to be approved before they are published.

Sometimes all we need is just a little Inspiration!

Click on the links below to read stories of inspiration:

    2 thoughts on “Inspiration Initiative

    1. It was October 2011 and i logged into the book (something that has sadly become an almost daily routine for me – gone are the days i promised NEVER to have an account) to promote the usual KATz Christmas activities we carry out here in Tanzania. The orphanage Christmas drive and our Street kids Lunch. I noticed an email in my inbox from someone i didn’t know at the time and this woman was asking me how she could get involved. A few messages back and forth between me and this lovely American woman Aubree and we realised we actually had quite a lot in common. Aubree came along to the street kids buffet lunch with her clothing donations and helped us hand them all out. Who knew that in that very moment i would make a friend for life! Since that day, Aubree has gone on to establish a fantastic Community centre in Moshono – just down the road from me and I have been lucky enough to watch her go from finding the perfect home for the centre to getting it all up and running. Now she has a host of children in her daycare, runs an onsite pre-school, tailoring classes for disadvantaged women and hosts a variety of community training sessions there at the centre, among many other projects. We are delighted to be working with Aubree in setting up a beaded sandal making workshop at the centre with money from some of our past volunteers. If you would like to check out some of the work she does, you can visit her Facebook page at Aubree you are one inspiring woman – keep doing what you do :)

    2. I have been fortunate enough to spend two weeks this past July (2013) with a woman whose smile and energy just burns a hole right in the centre of the room! Lisa-Marie is a force to be reckoned with. She has passion, drive and a heart that is all consuming. Lisa-marie found me here in Tanzania through none other than Googles finest! I shared an amazing two weeks with someone who came as a stranger and left as a bestie. Lisa-Marie is the founder of Children’s Global Alliance whose mission is to infuse the next generation with a sense of global responsibility, promote and foster character and integrity among teenagers, and provide relief and education in developing countries. You have left us blown away with your kindness – certainly an inspiration to us all L-M

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