Our prices are structured in a way that makes them so much more affordable than many others on the market for the following reasons:

1.      We are based in Tanzania - This means our administration costs and wages are minimal and the fees that you do pay are used right here in Tanzania where they are needed most. And…. as you will soon discover, none of the team drive luxury cars and there are no offices with harbour views either!

2.      We offer placements exclusively to Tanzania – Limiting our location destination to one country means we can focus a small and specialised team on individual volunteer needs while keeping our administration costs to an absolute minimum.

3.      We have volunteers assisting us - KATz has been privileged to have qualified professionals who have volunteered their time and expertise to assist with the overall operation of KATz Volunteer Adventure. At an operational level this means KATz has greatly reduced both wage and associated administration costs, of which volunteer placement fees are reflective.

4.      KATz wages are minimal - The KATz founder does not draw a salary from the operations of KATz Volunteer Adventure. All staff employed by KATz are Tanzanian. The wages, whilst being local, are sufficient for family survival though certainly no measure to western wages.

Volunteer Costs are:

$140.00 for 1 week                                                                     $280.00 for 2 weeks
$420.00 for 3 weeks                                                                  $560.00 for 4 weeks
$700.00 for 5 weeks                                                                 $840.00 for 6 weeks
$980.00 for 7 weeks                                                                 $1120.00 for 8 weeks
$1260.00 for 9 weeks                                                               $1400.00 for 10 weeks
$1540.00 for 11 weeks                                                             $1680.00 for 12 weeks
$1820.00 for 13 weeks                                                             $1960.00 for 14 weeks
$2100.00 for 15 weeks                                                             $2240.00 for 16 weeks
$2380.00 for 17 weeks                                                            $2520.00 for 18 weeks
$2660.00 for 19 weeks                                                            $2800.00 for 20 weeks
$2940.00 for 21 weeks                                                            $3080.00 for 22 weeks
$3220.00 for 23 weeks                                                            $3360.00 for 6 months

Prices are in  USD and must be paid in full 6 weeks prior to your arrival in Tanzania.

BOOKING FEE: A $200 Booking/Administration fee is required to confirm your placement. This is in addition to the placement fees listed above and covers all the administration costs associated with your volunteer placement as well as airport transfers. 
DISCOUNT: When booking a placement that is longer than 8 weeks in duration a 10% discount is offered
MEDICAL PLACEMENTS: Please note that medical placements come with an additional charge of $150 USD, which is an equipment and training fee imposed by many of the medical facilities

Important Note

KATz believes in all the amazing work being carried out at placement sites so we help the schools, orphanages and NGO’s wherever possible with additional funding, food, materials etc. Please be aware however that the contribution from KATz may not go to the specific community or project where you are placed. This is because KATz try’s to maximise the productivity of the contribution rather than give little amounts here and there. Please see the news page for the latest updates on KATz current community projects.


  • Pre-departure advice
  • Complete In-Country Support
  • Volunteer (information) Manual
  • Airport Transfers (From Kilimanjaro or Arusha airport only)
  • Placement Transfers (commencement and completion only)
  • Placement Briefing
  • Swahili session with a local (optional)
  • Town Tour
  • Accommodation*
  • Food* (Breakfast and Dinner)
  • Local sim card for phone
  • Drinking water (from a ceramic water filter)
  • Booking advice for Safari, Zanzibar, Mount Kilimanjaro activities (optional)
  • *Accommodation (and food) are included on placement site, however should you wish to stay in Town or travel in your time off (including weekends) this would be at your own expense.


  • Visa’s ($200 USD for up to 3 months)
  • Airfares (seasonal and dependant upon individual travel needs and preferences)
  • Travel Insurance (compulsory for all placements, can be as little as $200 USD for 6 months)
  • Vaccinations/Medical (varies – allow for $250 to $500 USD)
  • Transport costs (trivial)
  • Laundry ($5 USD per 10 items)
  • Spending money (varies dependant on individual needs. Allow $125 p/w min)
  • Bottled water (reasonably inexpensive to buy, budget for approx $6 per week)
  • Airport Drop off (If you do not travel home directly after your placement concludes. We will help where possible so call us when you know your onward flight details and we will try our best to accommodate)

Cancellation Policy

We request a $200.00 administration fee (which serves as a non-refundable deposit) to be paid when you confirm your commitment to volunteer through KATz. This deposit is in addition to the placement fees outlined above.  All monies, excluding the deposit, will be returned should you have a change of heart no less than 6 weeks prior to your arrival. If, for any reason, a placement is cancelled by KATz before commencement all monies paid, including the non-refundable deposit will be refunded.