Please note that specific placement names, locations and descriptions will be made available upon receipt of a completed application form. Contact one of the KATz team if you require this information to assist in your decision making process.

Urban placements
Placements close to town will generally offer both home stay and volunteer housing accommodation and are nearby the more western facilities like hotels, restaurants and bars, which can save on travel time during weekends. Urban placements are most suited to the volunteer who does not like to be too far from creature comforts like hot running water and electricity.

Rural Placements
Rural placements offer home stay or on site accommodation due to their more remote locations. Often rural placements have no electricity and only ‘bucket’ showers will be available but the natural surrounds (and stars at night) are well worth the compromise. Volunteers can travel by Daladala (local transport) to town on the weekends. These placements are best suited to the volunteer who likes to ‘rough it’ a little and experience the African culture in its entirety.

Extra Placement Options
Working with street children, HIV awareness along with community and skills development are also areas which require great assistance in Tanzania. We work closely with NGO’s in Tanzania and can individually design your placement to incorporate any of these areas. While KATz is a non-religious organisation, accepting people from all beliefs and backgrounds there are some placements with strong religious (Christian) affiliation. This is because Tananian people are very committed in their faith and several NGO’s working within the community are reflective of this. Majority of KATz placements do not have a religious affilliation though, as we like to welcome everyone no matter what their religious preference. Please contact us to discuss your interests.