Medical Placements

Due to high interest KATz are now offering Medical placements.

There are three different Medical placements on offer, all located in close proximity to Maisha Cottage.


Government hospital placements are not for the faint hearted or those without any medical training or experience. Government Hospitals are a far stretch from any facility you would have visited in the western world and can have quite an emotional impact initially. Staff are overworked and underpaid so there is little time to take you under their wing and provide explanations for what they are carrying out, how and why. This is the type of placement that would suit someone who is a trained professional or who has several years experience in a specialist medical field. In this regard you would be more than comfortable making suggestions and assisting the Doctor in Charge and nurses on duty. Anyone placed in a Government setting should familiarise themselves with the term TIA (Time in Africa) which generally means everything happens in it’s own good time and there is never a great deal of urgency – yes, that’s right, even so in a hospital setting. Lack of equipment and resources (and at times adequate experience) alongside the cultural constraints of working and accessing health care in a developing country, such as the patients ability to fund their medical expenses and the access they have to receive treatment as well as unreliable electricity and water at times, all have an impact on what can be done to help. If you are able to overlook the every day frustrations of working in a rather chaotic and unorganised environment you will be of much benefit to both the patients and the Hospital staff and you will gain a very true insight into the Tanzanian healthcare system and the challenges that are faced by the beautiful people that call this country home.

Volunteers meet with the Matron of the hospital on their first day and are required to participate in welcome meeting where they are introduced to hospital staff and learn about placement specifics. Volunteers can expect to work from 8:30am until 2pm, Monday to Friday. During orientation Matron Hamida (or Matron Matilda) will discuss specific areas of interest, otherwise volunteers can choose to follow a more general all-encompassing placement where time is split between different departments.

The Government Hospital has the following departments – Dental, General Medical Consultation, Laboratory, HIV Awareness and Testing, Midwifery, Newborn Care and Immunisations, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Optical, Paediatrics, Pharmacy, Pre-Natal Care, Surgery (Minor and Major) & Tuberculosis Wing.

Please take note that there is little direction or formal ‘training’ at the Government hospital and volunteers need to be quite proactive in their involvement.


The community clinic is situated in an area called Olorien. It is the first full service charitable clinic in Arusha, and although a private clinic patients pay minimal fees for care, which are subsidised by the Baptist church and school (across the road). Dr Byemba, the Doctor in charge has spent many years working in the field of Medicine in the Democratic republic of Congo and is extremely experienced in providing medical care to patients in Developing countries, with few medical supplies.

Dr Byemba is a great mentor to volunteers and will encourage your participation in all aspects of treatment and care. The major procedures carried out in surgery are; circumcision, stitches, burn treatment and abscess/cyst/growth removal and drainage. In the lab volunteers will be able to take blood and learn about a variety of tropical diseases, while in the pharmacy you will learn about the treatment options and medicine available. Volunteers can expect to start at 8:30am and ‘work’ until 2pm.

This is a placement that is suited to volunteers who are looking for an introduction to African Medicine and who are looking for guidance and training, whilst also being able to get involved.

The Olorien Clinic has the following departments: General Medical Consultation, Minor Surgeries, Laboratory, Pharmacy, X-ray, Ultrasound


The private clinic is a paid clinic that started out as an Ante-natal clinic and has grown to include general medical practice. The clinic is run by a western trained doctor and small team of highly-qualified staff. Volunteers can expect to start at the clinic at 9am and work until 2pm. Your major role will be receiving guidance from Dr Amal in the consultation room, taking blood samples and analysing the samples.

The clinic sees a variety of patients including western expats, locals and Indians. Majority of the patients come to the clinic to receive ante-natal care. The clinic receives between 15-20 patients daily however this number varies. During more quiet times the lab technicians are more than helpful in talking volunteers through the host of ‘African Ailments’, preventions and treatments.

The clinic has the following departments. Anti-Natal Clinic, General Medical Consultation, Laboratory, Labour and Delivery Ward, Newborn Care and Immunisations, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Pharmacy & Laboratory.

The following Documentation is required for all participants on Medical Placements:

1. Curriculum Vitae
2. Qualifications/Certifications
3. Introduction letter from the volunteer/applicant detailing experience, interest and  expectations
4. Copy of passport (and work permit, once obtained by our team in country)
5.  Volunteer fee of $150 USD, given directly to the placement


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