NEW – Sports Programs

Volunteers have the opportunity to assist in running School holiday sporting programs for orphaned and vulnerable children. KATz and our wonderful past volunteers and new friends at Readysteadygokids Australia have pulled together to compile a book of fabulous sporting programs suited to children aged 5 to 16 years of age.

The programs are designed for fun, exercise and skills development with the added benefit of getting the children out of their home compounds and enjoying training with new friends.

Volunteers will have the opportunity to take classes in soccer, dance, fitness, swimming (depending on the time of the year), martial arts and yoga. We also welcome new ideas and classes developed by anyone with any additional sports or physical education expertise so please let us know and we would gladly accept some assistance in developing other sports training sessions.

The sports programs will be offered between 2 & 5 pm. The classes will be held from Mondays through to Thursdays for 4 weeks. There will be 2 classes operating each day, the first for children aged 5-9 and the second for children aged 10 to 16 years. Each class has approximately 10 children.

Programs will be run during the following months:

April (2014)
August (2014)
December (2014)

Volunteers will be required to spend a few days reading through the lesson plans in the holiday sports program booklet, or developing their own training schedules (if preferred) before committing to taking classes for 2 weeks. Team KATz are available throughout the holiday period and a member of staff will be at each program to assist with any language constraints and managing the groups of kids. The school holiday sporting programs are a fun way to interact with children while being active and allow for a more structured environment than spending the afternoon on site an orphanage.

The children are selected from a variety of the orphanages and from the KATz 4 KIDz sponsorship program. They are collected from a designated location or from their care homes and returned on completion of the programs. The kids are provided with water and healthy snacks each day at the programs and they all receive a certificate of participation on completion.


One thought on “NEW – Sports Programs

  1. Volunteering in the Sports program was FANTASTIC!! It was a great chance to get to know the children involved and learn many new games and activities from other volunteers. The children all went away with huge smiles on their faces. It was a great shared experience and opportunity to make new friends!

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