Teaching Placements

General overview
Volunteers have the option to work in Day Orphanages and Nursery or Primary schools at a variety of locations in and around Arusha. Secondary school placements are also available though volunteers are required to have teaching experience or qualifications for these placements. Placements are in Independent English Medium schools. Many Nursery and primary schools are funded by independent organisations or local NGO’s. Government Primary schools are free for students to attend and Secondary schools require fees so many students never make it past primary.

Nursery Schools
Nursery schools (kindergarten equivalent) and day Orphanages are attended prior to primary school and the children’s ages vary from 4 to 12 years old. In some cases, the numbers of students enrolled in a single class (130) are staggering. The level of English, both understood and spoken by the children also varies and is potentially the biggest challenge volunteers will face on a teaching placement. Overcome the language barrier though and the rewards are endless as you are welcomed everyday by laughter, smiles and song.

Primary Schools
Primary schools are slightly more organised than nursery schools with classes often being more manageable and the level of English is noticeably better, making it easier to communicate with the students. Teachers use very few teaching aides in school simply because they don’t have the resources but they welcome new ideas openly and the kids are fascinated by new activities and games.

Secondary Schools
TEFL certification, Teacher experience or qualifications required.
Teaching experience is required for secondary school because the teaching of subjects require greater expertise as the skill lever is higher. Government schools are staffed by teachers who have been allocated a school to teach at and who perhaps ran out of career options. Students in secondary school are pleasant and hard working and they are grateful to have volunteers (who are passionate teachers) at their disposal.

2 thoughts on “Teaching Placements

  1. “I’d like to thank you again for your help in setting up this experience of a life time for me again, I will never forget the experience and I hope to see you all in the future. Please say hello to everyone for me and I hope all is well at home. It feels very strange now that it is all over and I miss everyone already.”

  2. “We had a fantastic 2 weeks in Tanzania with the excellent KATz Team. We were made to feel very welcome. Our placement was perfect for us, which we thoroughly enjoyed. We also had the time to enjoy a real life experience in this part of Africa – Thank you KATz.”

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