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Trekking Mount Kilimanjaro, otherwise known as the ‘Roof of Africa’ is a magically exhausting adventure not to be missed while you are on Tanzanian soil. And it comes with some serious bragging rights!

KATz safaris, Treks & Tours offers the following routes for selection;

Machame: Our most popular route boasting beautiful scenery and allowing excellent acclimatisation opportunities.
Marangu: Popular for those climbers looking for basic hut accommodations after spending the days trekking through lush forests and moorlands
Rongai: One of the less travelled routes offering high-altitude scenery and good acclimatisation
Lemosho: One of the longer, less populated rotes offering magical scenery and covering all the mountain has to offer
Umbwe: Not for the faint hearted. This route is best for the more experienced climber looking for a challenge. This route is the shortest and steepest route the mountain has on offer.

KATz offers specially tailored Mountain itineraries for Volunteer’s and budget travellers alike. Don’t be fooled by the offer of budget climbing experiences…. KATz Mountain guides are all highly qualified and experienced on the mountain and will guarantee you an unforgettable trekking experience. KATz guides are all registered with the Kilimanjaro National Parks board and have obtained their necessary certification for Mountain Climbing. Gaining the official title of Kilimanjaro Mountain guide is no easy feat. Guides are required to first complete a minimum of three years Mountaineering as porters. This is then followed by 2 years in the role of assistant guide. Only then do they meet the mandatory requirements to obtain their Mountain guiding certification.

KATz cooks have had many years experience preparing food on the Mountain and offer nutritious meals prepared in line with the strictest of food hygiene standards. Basic conditions will not stop our cooks preparing delicious meals that will leave climbers with a full belly and enough energy for the climb ahead.

The role of the porters is not to be underestimated. The ratio of porters to climbers is 3:1. Porters work tirelessly behind the scenes to make your climb as smooth as possible. Carrying 15kg each, they head off up the mountain ahead of the climbing group and ensure the tents and campsite are prepared for the climbers arrival. Boiling water for drinking and washing is also carried out by the porters, who do so after a full and fast paced climb.

KATz Mountain equipment is of the highest standard. Our Vango hurricane tents are endorsed by the the Duke of Edinburgh Award program and adhere to the strictest quality, safety and durability standards.

Contact KATz for further information on your personal requirements and request an itinerary for your preferred route.

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  1. “I’ve had such a fabulous time in Tanzania. I’ve not volunteered, but I have enjoyed safari and yes even climbing Kilimanjaro. Safari was great – knowledgeable guide and great food, plus all my favourite animals. Kilimanjaro was tough, but made all the better by our amazing helpful crew. Really hope to come back one day and would certainly again rely on the incredibly helpful and patient Jodie and Kelvin.”

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