1 Day Safari – Arusha National Park

Safari Day 1

Drive to Arusha National Park for a full day Safari.
You will be able to get out of the vehicle, walk around and view the beautiful Ngurdoto Crater rim.
Lunch en route before continuing the days game drive.

Arusha National park, while being one of Tanzania’s smallest parks, is certainly one of the most beautiful. Arusha National park boasts the Ngurdoto Crater (often referred to as little Ngorongoro), the Momela Lakes, Serengeti Ndogo (Little Serengeti) and the gorgeous Mt Meru. Animal sightings include herds of Zebra, Flamingo’s and a variety of other bird species, waterbucks, giraffes, buffaloes, hippos, elephants, hyenas, dik-dik, mongooses, warthogs, baboons and monkeys.
The Arusha National park is also the only park where you will be able to view the long haired Colobus Monkey. There are no lions or rhinos due to poaching but you may see the occasional leopard.

Return home late afternoon.

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